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Datafunc’s team is dedicated to pursuing a data-driven approach applied in a wide range of digital marketing fields.

Our core process helps you discover Business Growth opportunities and Optimize your Return On Investment.

With the use of Data analytics and AI, we are aiming to assist you so as to optimize your organisation’s performance,
that would, subsequently, lead to Sustainable Growth.

Facts about Datafunc

PPC bid management: We've already managed over 2.000.000 € in Paid Search and Paid Social Media


Growth: 4 out of 5 clients have achieved exponential growth


Transparent Process. We teach you what we learn

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Every member of our team receives over 2000€ a year for enhancing and upgrading professional competence via top-market training courses in data.

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    We are Partners with Digital Marketing tech giants:

    • Google Partners Official Page
    • Search Engine Optimisation and Competitive Analysis SASS Leader – SemRush Partners
    • Meta Platforms Inc. Member
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    Our commitment to achieving business growth for our clients, acts as a shield for our partnerships, resulting in long-term and ongoing collaboration with them.
    GoLearn continuously grows since 2019. Discover how we did it: [pdf]

      Sustainable growth


      Market Insights

      Raw data alone cannot convey any message or reveal any unknown facts. Their real potential lies in the procedure of examining, interpreting and transforming them into valuable market insights, able to form and empower insightful decisions.

      By combining all sources of data that are meaningful to your organisation, namely paid advertising, organic data and web analytics, we develop a clearer understanding of your market, unfolding growth opportunities for your business.

      Competitive Intelligence

      Getting to know your competitors as well as defining the pros and cons of their strategy is vital so as for your business to develop and acquire a competitive edge, by leveraging their uncovered weaknesses.  

      Our research is conducted under the frame of developing a proactive approach by diminishing the possibility of any unforeseen crucial strategic moves potentially made by the competitors’ side.

      The prospect of this proactive approach is to be further applied to your overall business strategic mindset. 

      Digital Strategy

      Given that the previously mentioned procedures have been completed as well as the business objectives are well-defined, we would be sufficiently equipped to integrate these insights and goals into a unique and precisely targeted digital marketing strategy.



      Measurement Plan

      Measurement plan could be considered as the foundation of your overall marketing strategy. 

      By outlining each business’s SMART goals and objectives as well as identifying the KPIs (i.e. Key Performance Indicators) that are most relevant to its operation, we are able to effectively measure results and determine areas that may require further focus. 

      The insights gained by creating and implementing a measurement plan could be empowering the decision-makers, since the valuable information provided could determine specific investment expectations in a more precise way.

      Analytics Audit

      You may already have set your goals, objectives and targets, but how much certainty do you have on the accuracy of their importance and interpretation when it comes to measuring your business results?

      If you have doubts about the initial part of goals and metrics determination or even the structure and collection process of your data, we are highly competent to assist you so as to get rid of data fallacies that may be misleading your way.

      Analytics 4 Implementation

      Your dataflow in Universal Analytics will gradually stop populating, as Google will stop processing new hits in all UA properties as of July 1, 2023.

      It’s a fact that Google Analytics 4 will be replacing the old UA, with the businesses proceeding to this transition on time to be reaping the benefits of this action over the rest.

      Datafunc’s team has the expertise to undertake the implementation of your business’s Google Analytics 4 and make custom configurations based on your unique measurement plan needs.



      Paid Media

      We used to call it Pay Per Click. Lately, it is referred to as Performance Marketing.
      Whichever way you call it, the gained value is the same.

      Opting to incorporate Paid Advertising in one’s Digital Marketing Strategy, will significantly contribute to intercepting each user’s behaviour based on their current stage of the customer journey and, ultimately, assist in customer acquisition and further retention.

      The immediate advantage gained by this would be to directly reach the audience characterised by the intention to convert (Bottom of the Funnel), as well as gain Consumer Insights able to assist in connecting the customer journey dots, and thus maximizing your Return on Investment.

      Search Engine Optimisation

      The organic visibility of a site is related to the SEO Strategy and is significantly dependent on Google’s rapidly changing algorithms.

      Thus, measuring the results of the SEO Strategy could turn into a quite challenging procedure, if the creation of this strategy is not based on data that drive revenue growth.

      Our approach regarding Search Engine Optimization Strategy and Implementation is based on the perspective of attracting quality traffic on the site’s pages, hence increasing the prominent KPIs’ rates, which would ultimately lead to a higher conversion rate. 

      E-Mail Marketing

      The significant changes made in Data Protection and Worldwide Privacy Legislation during the last years, have greatly highlighted the importance of proactively building first-party data, so as to overcome the challenges to be encountered regarding the implementation of an effective user segmentation targeting.

      Email marketing unlocks growth opportunities while building trust and loyalty between your Enterprise and your customers.

      The Enterprises that will decide to invest in first-party data collection and email marketing strategy implementation will be the ones leveraging the new era of data usage while remaining GDPR compliant.

      What our partners
      say about us

      Datafunc is our data analytics and digital marketing partner since 2019.

      They helped us develop a better understanding of the market and become one of the most competitive educational organisations in Greece.

      We consistently grow with over 60000 graduates a year, providing a variety of e-learning courses.

      Eleni Nikolaidou

      CEO, GoLearn

      Working with Datafunc was a great experience. The team was friendly, professional, and always willing to go the extra mile to help us learn new things in digital marketing and achieve our goals.
      They not only exceeded our expectations, but also made the entire process enjoyable and stress-free. I would highly recommend Datafunc to anyone looking for a partner that is both knowledgeable and dedicated to helping their clients succeed. 

      Pinelopi Dima

      Marketing Project Manager, E-Learning University of Athens

      After working with Datafunc for one year, I have nothing but positive things to say about the level of service, consistency, and efficiency they provide.

      From the start of our cooperation, they have been honest and reliable partners, inspiring trust that they’ll always do their best.Since Datafunc has taken over my business’s digital marketing, we have significantly increased our clientele and experienced growth of 5X.

      Stavroula Petritou

      Founder, Logopaizoume