goLearn Growth Marketing Case Study






Market Research
Tag Management
Data Analytics
Performance Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimisation


109% increase in lead generation
8% decrease in cost per lead
40% increase in conversion rate
141% increase in branded search volume that resulted in conversions

Datafunc’s Collaboration with GoLearn: A 40-Month Case Study of Continuous Growth

Client Overview: GoLearn

GoLearn is a lifelong learning educational organization that focuses on providing high-standard educational services and increasing employability in the public sector by issuing qualified certificates. They educate over 60,000 candidates annually, and their goal is to increase sales and revenue, decrease costs per lead, and achieve a higher rate of leads-to-customers conversions with the lowest possible cost.

“Datafunc is our data analytics and digital marketing partner since 2019. They helped us develop a better understanding of the market and become one of the most competitive educational organizations in Greece. We consistently grow with over 60,000 graduates a year, providing a variety of e-learning courses.”

goLearn’s CEO: Eleni Nikolaidou


Omnichannel Data Interpretation for Business Growth

Datafunc was tasked with creating and optimizing a marketing plan for GoLearn, allocating budgets among several marketing channels, specifying the digital marketing campaign structure, implementing a data-driven attribution model, and interpreting omnichannel data under the business growth objective.



Market Research, Data Analytics, Performance Marketing, CRO, and Tagging Implementation

To achieve GoLearn’s business growth objectives, Datafunc utilized their expertise in market research, data analytics, performance marketing, CRO, and tagging implementation.


Datafunc’s Process

1. Research and Digital Marketing Strategy Proposal

The collaboration began in August 2019 with research and a digital marketing strategy proposal. Before market research, both parties recorded key business attributes, defined their main functional procedures, and set short-term and long-term milestones with relevant performance indicators.


2. Digital Marketing Strategy Implementation

From months two to five, the team implemented the digital marketing strategy, developing campaigns on Google Ads and paid social media, applying on-page SEO on lead generation pages, and using automation tools on both affiliate and owned media. They also used Google Tag Manager to integrate coding scripts into the website for accurate data collection.


3. Ongoing Data Analytics & Growth Marketing

From the sixth month onwards, the team compiled weekly reports with insights used for further strategy development, mainly presented via scheduled video calls. They applied ongoing data-driven optimization on paid social media and Google Ads search and display, developed custom metrics and exclusive tactics on Meta Business Manager, and used advanced audience segmentation methodology to optimize each customer journey step.


Exponential Business Growth

The results of the collaboration were outstanding 


Lead Generation Growth


Cost per Lead


Conversion Rate Growth


Brand recognition. Branded Search Volume Growth that resulted in Conversions

A Successful Collaboration

In conclusion, Datafunc’s collaboration with GoLearn resulted in 36 months of continuous growth.

Through our expertise in market research, data analytics, performance marketing, CRO, and tagging implementation, we were able to provide valuable insights and strategies to help GoLearn achieve its business growth objectives.

The collaboration was a success, and GoLearn’s CEO Eleni Nikolaidou was more than happy with the results, as the organization consistently grows with over 60,000 graduates a year, providing a variety of e-learning courses.